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Envolve Wellness is a social enterprise that delivers exercise maintenance and improvement programmes for people with long term health conditions and additional needs. Our holistic programmes are designed around prevention, early identification of long term health issues and inclusivity to achieve development of re-enablement and resilience.

our mission

Our mission is to reduce health inequality by creating environments where people feel included and have appropriate tools and support to enhance their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Envolve Wellness LTD

A not for profit social enterprise that delivers recreational maintenance exercise programmes specifically designed for people living with long-term health conditions, disabilities or additional needs.

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ActiVibe is a pilot project in Birmingham to engage adults with learning disabilities to be active together doing various physical exercises and improve wellbeing. we’ve

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Dance for Dementia

Dance for Dementia

Specifically adapted session use language of dance to stimulate neuropathy and to create a sense of belonging and happiness in which to improve people’s physical and neuro functioning.

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dance for parkinson's

Dance for Parkinson’s

A high quality dance art session for people with Parkinson’s, has a focus on inspiring creative and aesthetic movement to maintain mobility, improve balance and gait velocity, and enhance mental resilience.

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Dynamic Flow

Dynamic Flow is a newly designed, workplace holistic wellbeing session. It’s a combination of moves inspired by Yoga, Pilate and soft dance exercises to music.

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family boxerciSEN

Family BoxerciSEN

A community based project, autism-friendly workshops designed to support the family to become active together and enjoy a variety of targeted and fun activities from sparring and resistance drills to training functional and agility skills, adapted to develop strength and focus, reduce social anxiety and build confidence

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A creative rhymical dance sessions with chair support for people with mixed health conditions in community groups and care homes, nursing home settings.

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spring steps

Spring Steps

A low impact maintenance standing fitness programme with a focus on improving cardiac function, balance muscle strength and joint mobility in a supportive group. It’s for people who’s “not ready” to sit down to exercise.

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