A person-centred dance programme specifically designed to support people with dementia with their carers to enhance their physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing. Adapting dance elements with exercise, music, relaxation and social interaction, sequences have been devised that not only build muscle tone but also improve movement and neuro functioning.

How it can help/benefit

Dance for Dementia creates a sense of belonging and happiness in a social environment.
Improving body image and self-esteem, founded on the idea that motion and emotion are interconnected.
Fostering deep personal connection with life and environment, improve mood and memories.
Use of imagery, familiar music, colourful props to encourage memory retravel and stimulate natural conversation
Dance therapy offers reassurance that helps ease problematic behaviours such as agitation
Sessions can be tailor to suite individuals or groups at different stage of dementia
Participants have said that Dance for Dementia has helped them with their communication skills and ability to relax, resulting in a greater sense of calm and wellbeing.

to book your online workshop please contact nora@envolvewell.co.uk