Carer’s Wellbeing Vitality project empowers carers with simple, realistic and effective solutions to improve their physical, mental and social health wellbeing. The project offers accessible, effective classes for those who are short on time. The project also provides a community for carers to access tips and advice on weight loss, renewing energy, hormones, stress management, nutrition and motivation when things get tricky.


Carers often struggle to look after themselves due to time and financial constraints. This programme enables carers to feel healthier, develop resilience and improve their self-esteem.


How It Can Help: (6 bullet points max, 12-15 words max each)


  1. Short and effective exercise tutorials
  2. Free resources and structured programmes
  3. Reduces anxiety and emotional barriers
  4. Improves strength, energy, and confidence levels
  5. Nutrition guide and self-care strategy
  6. Catered for carer’s availabilities and commitment