Exercise plays an vital role in the treatment of PD,  this programme  aims to support people with Parkinson’s by developing strength, range of movement and balance through dance from ballet to tango. It provides an opportunity for self-expression whilst addressing issues around gait, deportment and postural control.

How it can help/benefit

With music at the heart of this programme, Dance for Parkinson’s delivers a physical and emotional buzz at the same time.

Increased released of endorphin will stimulate the production of dopamine that initiate movement
Choices of many musical genres from barre work, ballet to Elvis or disco 80s
Dance purposefully to improve muscle strength, gait velocity, balance, postural stability, aerobic capacity etc
Increase focus on small body parts and spatial awareness
Reduce risk of falls

Stimulating mental activity using imagery, story, imagination to connect mind and body
Uplifting exercises for both physical and mental health well-being.
Sessions are inclusive to users with any mobility or cognitive needs, dance together to forge good friendships and break isolation.