Parkinson’s Boxercise sessions give people living with Parkinson’s a wonderful opportunity to be more active, whilst being sensitive to any physical limitations caused by the condition.


Focusing on strength, endurance, balance and stability, these exercises enable you to live life more fully and independently, both physically and cognitively. Sessions use a combination of physiotherapy techniques and boxing movements to encourage greater activity and the confidence to do more.


This programme is suitable for all, including those who need to participate whilst seated. A great way to boost confidence as well as mental and physical wellbeing.


How It Can Help: (6 bullet points max, 12-15 words max each)

  1. Improves strength, endurance, agility, and coordination
  2. Improves blood flow and cardiovascular health
  3. Falls prevention protocols to address balance issues
  4. Supports & protects the brain’s connective tissues
  5. Boosts motivation and mental health well-being with group support
  6. Prevents secondary complications