Family BoxciSEN A community project that encourages families living with additional needs to become more active together, through taking part in Boxercise Workshops. Family BoxerciSEN incorporates boxing movements with other types of exercise to create a safe, fun yet exciting experience, which offers the additional benefits of building confidence and resilience, whilst reducing anxiety. These term-time only classes for people aged 6+. They are ideal for family groups with disabled children, along with neurotypical siblings and other family members or friends. How it can help/benefit *   Adapted and autism friendly *   Flexible and non-competitive to encourage participation *   Pad work, footwork drills and a variety of exercises to improve muscle strength, concentration *   Develop greater hand-eye coordination, balance and agility *   Inclusive coaching for building confidence, anxiety reduction *   Enjoyable and engaging for everyone to stay active, feel socially included and feeling successful Boxercise SEN workshop The BoxerciseSEN workshops adopt a disability-friendly approach to encourage the uptake and adherence to physical activity for people in day care supervision. Workshops are designed to increase physical activity levels, strength, balance and coordination as well as providing strategies to improve listening skills and confidence. Support the development of concentration, enjoyment, transferable social skills, confidence, independence, and a sense of purpose How it can help/benefit *   Designed to be inclusive of varied disabilities. *   Can be casual session for pleasure or consistent outcome measured course. *   Flexible and non-competitive workshops tailored to suit your member’s needs *   Diverse exercises for the development of muscle control, concentration and coordination. *   Bespoke strategies for anxiety reduction and confidence building. *   Tailored plan to monitor users’ fitness/performance as part of structured plan. *   Exploring individual’s ability to sense and respond to a partner, working together and sharing focus. *   Team building, partnership work, turn taking between staff and members.